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K.A. Adedeji, N.A. Raji, A. Abolarin
ETRJ. Vol. 3(1), 16 March, 2018
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Abstract: Majority of farmers who grow corn cannot afford the high cost of purchasing most of the available imported Shelling machine. Such farmers switch to manual hand shelling method which gives low efficiency, high level of wastage and high labour. This machine was fabricated from locally available material and to shell maize and separate the cob from the grain, at same time, blow the particle. Its cost is very low compared to the imported threshers. The machine was tested to establish the influence of moisture content levels, and the efficiency so as to reduce breakage and wastage during shelling operation. The machine has a power rating of 2.237KW and shelling capacity of 0.8 ton/hr with the shelling drum screw rotates at 60 revolutions per minute. This fabricated machine is capable of shelling maize efficiently and economically.